____200,000 Unnecessary Surgeries

____200,000 Unnecessary Surgeries

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Save the Children

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Protect the Family

Natural Hormones
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Block Toxins at Estrogen Receptor-B
Ben's Interview
Mayo Clinic Failed:
18-year old refused to have colon resection
 and Ben  FOUNDtheCURE 

Reversing Crohn's Disease


Treating Crohn's Disease


HUMIRA® (adalimumab)  

ENTYVIO® (vedolizumab)

 REMICADE® (infliximab)


Have We Found the Cure?:

Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and microcytic colitis are part of the constellation of IBD/ Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Originally described by Dr. Crohn within the Jewish young adult population in New York in 1932, these diseases cause 160,000 colon resections annually in the U.S..

These diseases appear to be linked to genetics, environmental toxins and the western diet, but, there had been no biomarker, no effective treatment nor an identifiable cause for these diseases. There is a component of these diseases where the immune system is not working properly, yet, some do not feel this is an autoimmune disorder.  Many autoimmune diseases, however, are linked to IBD.  The true role of the microbiome gut bacteria is yet to be determined.

Link to Man-Made Environmental Toxins:

While endometriosis and diabetes/obesity have been clearly linked to environmental toxins, it is surprising that acceptance is still lacking that ingestion of these toxins has poisoned the GI tract. Man-made pesticides, dioxin, hormone contamination and plastics are 'xeno'-estrogens. They enter our cells as do natural hormones to turn on the production of abnormal proteins that trigger autoimmune antibodies,  alter the motility of the GI tract and cause inflammation. Estrogen receptors have now been identified to 'turn on' Crohn's patients. Also, by slowing down bowel movement through the GI tract, bacteria from the colon are able to move up into the small bowel and have more 'toxic' effects.

Breakthrough  - BLOCKING the TOXINS:

Lichten has spent 30-years researching how these xeno-  estrogens enter the cells. When faced with Ben dying from Crohn's, Lichten applied the same mixture of anabolic steroids in a last ditch, compassionately attempting to prevent the 18-year old from a total colon resection. And as long as Ben took his mixture of anabolic medications he was free of disease. He regained 40 pounds of muscle and stopped having 20 bloody bowel movements daily.

Ben had all the bio-markers:

Not only did he have bloody stool, weight loss, fatigue and biopsy proven pathology of Ulcerative Colitis in his colon,he had the severely depressed levels of FAI/ Free Androgen Index of just 20% of normal for his age.


All standard FDA IBD medications only reduce inflammation: they do not increase the production of normal anabolic hormones or reduce the effects of environmental toxins on SHBG. These xeno-estrogens are toxins that compete with androgens to get in to the cell through the A-R receptor.  Lichten found that naturally occurring, bio-identical testosterone had 10 times and bio-identical nandrolone has 30 times more binding affinity  for the receptor than any xeno-estrogen. Anabolic steroids reversed disease.

*Weekly small dose of  testosterone and nandrolone Works to Stop Pain!


All estrogens stimulate SHBG production,  and xeno-estrogens pulls the good nandrolone away from the cell letting xeno-estrogens in. Blocking the liver production of SHBG would amplify the healing process and block the effects of the xeno-estrogens.

*Weekly small dose of stanozolol reduces by 80% SHBG production!


A bio-marker is a recurrent finding in a biological system. In inflammatory bowel disease there are:

  • Signs:  bowel pain

  • FIndings: bloody diarrhea, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, malaise

  • Lichten found low levels of total testosterone and high levels of SHBG in severe cases of inflammatory bowel disease. This ratio is referred to as the Free Androgen Index (FAI).  As the inflammatory bowel disease is reduced, the FAI Increases.

  • Lichten found that both men and women with low FAI are at risk for inflammatory bowel disease and other autoimmune diseases. Those with the most severe abdominal pain and those after bowel surgery have the lowest FAI levels. There is an increased risk of pernicious anemia (GI disease), lupus, chronic fatigue, form of rheumatoid arthritis, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in IBD as well.

University Study: HEAD-TO-HEAD DRUG TEST in LAB before prescribing to you


From a blood draw, our laboratory is able to grow the T-lymphocytes and test which gives optimal response.


In pilot studies, the anabolic steroids are more effective in restoring immunologic competence than the man-made drugs.


1.  Serum laboratory tests

2. DMARDs.  Azulfidine, azanthoprine, methotrexate

3.  Special laboratory tests T-lymphocytes for cytokines, Estrogen receptors [immune event]

4.  Two months trial of anabolic steroids or dru determined in the lab head-to-head trial.. 


Compassionate Study:

There is a 3 to 4 times greater incidence of Crohn's and ulcerative colitis in Canada versus the U.S.. Since the introduction of GMOs in 1996, there has been a 10-fold increase in IBD in the youngest of children in Canada.  As the Canadian health system does not routinely pay for Humira®, Remicade®,  Entyvio®, or other TNF-agonist medications,  most patients go directly from high dose corticosteroids/ Prednisone® and methotrexate to surgery.  More than 1:150 families in Canada are affected. Canada has 75 government run centers to treat IBD.

IBD affects more than 320 individuals per 100,000 in the population in the US and 690 per 100,000 in  Canada. The incidence is expected to rise 25%  worldwide in the next 10 years; it appears now for the first time in the suburbs of major Chinese cities. The annual cost of medications are $50,000 to $80,000 and surgery can run $50,000 to $100,000. Today, their estimated direct costs are $30 billion dollars lost from the US economy.  

$Free Diagnosis and  treatments

FOUNDtheCUREcom  Foundation

is compassionately treating individuals with CD and UC, 50 men and women with J-pouch inflammation, and 50-100 Canadians with late-stage, pre-surgical  Crohn's disease are being sought as volunteers. The plan is to correlate the  FAI with the ER-beta/alpha ratio; creating a database never collected in great number before. There will be weekly injections for 2-months, then repeat laboratory testing and medical review. There are no initial medication costs for volunteers. Treatments indefinitely will be available at minimal costs.


Novel Mixed of Anabolic Therapy with physician monitoring may costs $5000- $7,000; human growth hormone may be included in treatment as a separate $5000. cost. Humira® costs exceed $72,500/yr with a 50% failure by year five. Colon surgery costs are $50,000  to $100,000/ operation.


The Novel Mixed Anabolic Therapy Program is expected to be effective in more than half of young adult men and women,based on our published peer-reviewed journal articles, international lectures and previous success by other clinicians reports with anabolic steroids in IBD. It is offered as a non-emergency surgery alternative after Humira®/ 'biologics' failure and/or surgical failures. The IRB specifically deals with correlation of biomarker testing.

             Do we have your attention?

Crohn's Disease


FOUND THE CURE FOUNDATION medicine is based on the concept that the man or woman seeking medical care is seeking more than a 'fix' for a 'diseased' organ. Not only is there the effect on his/her mind, body and spirit but Crohn's, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease affects many other organs as  autoimmune diseases..

OUR COMPREHENSIVE SERUM ASSAYS seek out non-standard HORMONAL BIOMARKERS, and other signs and symptoms as to  treat the WHOLE INDIVIDUAL.

The good news, for both men and women, is that hormone loss and imbalance is easily correctable. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic hormone testing, we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bio-identical hormone needs.

No one treatment is correct for everyone.  There are many individuals overt the years that all of us have treated but to no avail. It is not our desire or intent to suggest that one treatment is best. Rather, we propose that those who avail themselves of medical care must first educate themselves and then actively discuss with their health professionals what options are available in their individual medical care.

           Our first goal, therefore, must be:




Then we can hope to LIVE LONGER & BETTER

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As a result of hormone imbalance related to these conditions, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Limited energy

  • Recurrent diarrhea, bloody mucus

  • Low sex drive

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Sleeplessness

  • Poor concentration

  • Memory loss

  • Fatigue

  • Gastric reflux, gas, constipation,             bloating       


What are bio-identical hormone therapy services?

  • A comprehensive review of symptoms, medical, family and personal history

  • Testing - saliva, urine and/or blood laboratory analysis

  • Natural hormone balancing

  • Ongoing evaluations

  • Quality compounded pharmacy

    • Thyroid hormones

    • Methyl- B12

  • Highest quality supplements

    • B6/B12, TMG, digestive enzyme, ox bile

    • Vitamin D3

  • Fitness programs

  • Nutrition planning:

    • Directed to FODMAPS

    • Directed to motility and bacterial overgrowth

    • Mixed Ascorbic acid

    • Omega 3

    • Medium chain triglycerices

  • Oral naltexone 4.5mg at bedtime 


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Next Big Thing

Initial Visit
5'10"  100 pounds
3-months later
(+27 pounds)


All References are linked to original journal articles publications and submissions, and presentations to scientific meetings:
1. Case Report: 
Lichten EM. . Compassionate Treatment of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis with Anabolic Steroids in Young  Women. [submission 2018]

2. Published Related Article:

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3. Scientific Meeting: Keynote Presentation:

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The Pharma and Gastrointestinal Organization LIES:

Humira(R) adalimumab was approved by the FDA in 2002. The patent expired in 2016 but cheaper, generic bio-similar drugs have been slow to appear in the US market.  This drug represents a $16 billion dollar market in the Unites States and costs more than $6,000 per month.  Approximately 50% of patients find the drug loses effectiveness at the 3-year anniversary of  this IV medication therapy.

Linares PM [Dig Dis Sci. 2017 Oct;62(10):2744-2754] found a blood test predicted the drug effectiveness!

Pierdominici M [Oncotarget. 2015 Dec 1;6(38):40443-51]


He measure T-cell lymphocytes for Estrogen Receptor-beta/ alpha. This ER Beta/alpha ratio was depressed with flairs of Crohn's Disease. So, if a patient was on Humira(TM) and the Estrogen Receptor beta/alpha was depressed below .85, then 'Humira' was not working!

Drug Companies know when Humira is not working! Not prescribing these more expensive prescriptions when they will not work would save billions of dollars.  Nandrolone and Stanozolol are potentially effective medications!




The U.S. patent office has reviewed Dr. Edward LIchten's claims. Patent is pending. He is donating his patent to the FOUNDtheCURE FOUNDATION so that monies earned can be reinvested in new FOUNDtheCURE Research and to treat those less fortunate.


Our Unique Program Offers

  1. Anabolic forms of testosterone Replacement

  2. 45 years of research and scientific study

  3. Ongoing Compassionate Study seeking patients

  4. Seeking F.D.A. approval for Healthcare Coverage

  5. Comprehensive hormonal testing and replacement to 'youthful' ideal levels.

  6. Estrogen Receptor beta/alpha testing of colon biopsy and venous blood T-lymphocytes.


There is a concierge annual fee to be a private patient of Edward Lichten,  M.D., costs of services by his professional corporation and an  hourly rate for professional time in Skype consultation. These are waived for patients accepted into the study.

ALL DONATIONS and monies earned by the patents are separately reserved for research, bringing awareness to the public, and for compassionate use for individuals unable to purchase these medications.


Offers Therapy for Whole Individual's Well-being


Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a systemic autoimmune disease. These individuals will have stomach infections, ulcers, anemia, severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies and autoimmune disorders that may affect the thyroid, joints as well as muscle, nerves and overwhelming fatigue.


Our Unique 'Better Life' Program Offers

  1. Anabolic forms of testosterone Replacement

  2. Potent anabolic medication for wasting disorders including SIBO

  3. Research protocol IBD related disorders including the post-operative ileocecal pouch inflammation, oral, procto-rectal lesions and prevention of bowel adhesion leading to bowel obstruction and tremendous pain.

LICHTEN H.I.S. or H.E.R. LABORATORY PROFILE before consulting the USDoctor and making your appointment to visit him in  his offices.


Protocol for Treating Crohn's Disease

ONLY U.S. Patent Office filing for  Medical Crohn's Protocol using these F.D.A. medications.
SUCCESSFUL PROTOCOL offers alternative medical treatment for most advanced Crohn's disease.
in peer-reviewed medical journals
Guaranteed improvement within two months or return of up to two months of medication costs.

About Edward Lichten, M.D.

Introduction: Biography of Edward M. Lichten, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.O.G.

Edward Lichten is a 70-years 'young' board certified physician who was mentored by the legendary gynecologist Frederick P. Zuspan,  M.D. Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University.  Trained in the most advanced surgery for cancer, Dr. Lichten chose to pursue a search for the medical imbalances that contribute to and cause women's diseases.  The first was Endometriosis.  In 1979 he invented Laparoscopic Uterine Nerve Ablation to offer women with/without visible endometriosis relief from monthly menstrual pain.


"Yes, Women's pain is REAL not psychosomatic."


Information: "Anti-aging", Autoimmune and Environmental Disease

"Hormones:  the keys to Understanding the Cause of Disease"

Research: Since the 1960's, gynecologists have treated women with the addition of artificial, man-made anti-estrogens  and  man-made progestins to suppress natural estrogen production. Until just 20 years ago, no one connected chronic, autoimmune diseases with imbalances of 'hormones' let alone man-made xeno-estrogens. Lichten's work identified that pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and migraine could be prevented by stabilizing a woman's fluctuating hormone.  For majorities of these women, there were no more Prozac® or Imitrex®; no more uncontrollable mood or raging headaches.


What has been overlooked are Hormones! Main stream medical research had failed to consider to realize that many chronic inflammatory diseases are mediated through hormones! That is why a 50-year old's broken bones take longer to heal than a 15-year old's. When we add back the hormones in balance, such as natural bio-identical testosterone and nandrolone, she/he can stay more alert, involved, active and recover faster--LIVING BETTER and LONGER!


The Most Radical Breakthrough is using Testosterone to Treat Men and now Women for Disease!
In the early1980's, Dr. Lichten experienced what is now called andropause; 'men'pause for men. Night sweats, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and depression became his way of life.  When searching for a hormonal cause, Dr. Lichten discovered that the laboratory blood tests explained the disorder: men were experiencing a men' pause (equivalent to a woman's menopause).  All of his symptoms disappeared and he was able to build muscle tone, mental acuity, and endurance not realized since his 20's with small doses of natural, bio-idential injectable testosterone and nandrolone (not creams)!


Testosterone Reverses Need for Diabetic Medication:
As his women patients saw the difference testosterone made for Dr. Lichten, they demanded their husbands be seen for the miraculous 'fountain of youth' hormone treatments. The third man to be seen, Joe. N. was a 295 pound, 5-foot 9-inch male with diabetes. On testosterone, he lost 85 pounds in the first year and discontinues all his diabetic medications in the first month. Now, 24 years later, Joe. N. is still not clinically diabetic.


The Clinical Research:
Buoyed by the anti-diabetic effects of testosterone is a multitude of men, Dr. Lichten enlisted James Sowers, M.D., Professor and Chairman of Endocrinology at Wayne State to co-sponsor a university approved clinical study. The results proved that:

1) all diabetic men are low in testosterone, 2) adding back testosterone would reduce the need for insulin by 50% and oral agents nearly completely, and 3) the men on testosterone did not report any low blood sugar complications. A large clinical study using more potent testosterones is being planned as clinical research from Harvard, England and Switzerland support exactly what Dr. Lichten published to the Internet 18 years ago.


Putting It All Together:
As the author of the Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones, Dr. Lichten has put together some of the missing pieces that  underlie most chronic disease-- hormone imbalances. These hormones can be measured in common laboratory blood tests (See Booking an Appointment). Vitamin D3 deficiency is links to insomnia, low growth hormone to fibromyalgia, thyroid to hair loss, fatigue and weight gain, adrenals to afternoon fatigue, pancreas to diabetes and digestion. The changes in biological sex hormones of estrogen and decrease in testosterone and FAI (the ratio of total testosterone to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)  link to everything from Alzheimer's to heart disease, obesity and to Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.


Einstein: "If you cannot explain it simply,

you do not understand it al all."


If you would like to contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment please fill out the form below and we will contact your shortly.  Thank you!
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Eric reported "I have only 20 centimeters of intestine remaining after surgeries for Crohn's Disease. Before Dr. Lichten's anabolic drugs, I was losing weight, anemic, fatigued, and could not workout. My quality of life was poor; ileo-cecal pouch and all. All has  changed: I no longer am anemic, I have gained 25 pounds, I am able to workout  and gain muscle, and enjoy life. Thank you Dr. Lichten!"

N.M. I am a 33 year year old man who lives at home. i cannot work as I am in pain every single day.  As  I do not have options as all the medications and Humira/ Remicade drugs do not work.  the surgeons will not operate on me. They said they would not know how much bowel to remove: and they cannot remove all of it. I learned about Dr. Lichten's research and it made sense to use anabolic bodybuilding steroids to treat a catabolic disease that eats me from the inside. In the first 2 weeks I had two good days. Thank you for giving me hope- may God bless you!


Tiffany told us "Dr. Lichten started me on danazol at 25 years of age instead of steroids, methotrexate or Remicade ordered by my GI specialist. I was pain free for 2  years. I stopped the medication to get pregnant and recently had an unremarkable delivery. As a pharmacist, I know that this is an unconventional treatment but it was perfect for me. Thank you, Dr. Lichten!"


Ben adds "At 19, I came to Dr. Lichten to save me from having my colon remove at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for Crohn's disease. They told me I would die- instead I have gained back 80  of the 130 pounds I had lost and hoped to play college football in the fall.  I just want readers to know that what he (Dr. Lichten)  can do for you is only a small part of what he can do for your Whole Life!  Thank you Dr. L!"

J.C.:  I had so many surgeries for my Crohn's disease, short bowel syndrome, ileocecal pouch that life was more than difficult. Life is so much better! Thank you Dr. Lichten!"

S.M. was an 18 year old, well educated college student when my symptoms of Crohn's Disease came on-- after failures with azulfidine, DMARDs, and now two biologics, I was seen by the top GI doctor in Mexico City. After high dose steroids so said I will need surgery. I was attracted to the logic Dr. Lichten displayed in explaining why and how his treatment is more natural-- and may be potential successful. I am enthusiastic-  7 years later, no drugs, expect testosterone and in graduate school with my colon!  Thank you Dr. Lichten!


Claims: This information on this site is informational only. NO claims are made as to potential results of treatment. This information has been evaluated by the U.S. Patent Office, peer reviewed journals referenced, and the interview appears having the permission from the patient.

As the reports of prior use appears above, this Compassionate Study will collect information for publication in peer  reviewed medical journals.  The publications will be based on retrospective chart studies of individual who were treated by the FOUNDtheCURE PROTOCOL in lieu of scheduled surgery.

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